Meet Lucia, your portrait and brand photographer in East London

Photography is a serious art and a hard work, and together with a passion can create unforgettable stories…

My story

I’ve searched my entire life for my true passion. I’ve done many things, and re-invented myself a few times. I was a classical musician, an audio engineer, a church organist, and an IT engineer. Many years, me and my family were on emigration, moving from country to country. That’s why I didn’t have an opportunity to choose a career for life.

A few years back, I started to feel that being only technical wasn’t so much fullfilling. I wanted to create things. I started to learn graphic design, Photoshop and Illustrator. I was editing lots of images in Photoshop, and enjoyed it. Then I though it would be nice to edit my own photos instead. So, I started learning everything about photography.

Photography quickly became my passion, especially portraiture. It unleashed an artist in me that was sleeping for so many years. I started photographing people I knew, and it gave me joy to see their smiley faces when they looked at their images I created. It was a discovery for me, that all people can look beautiful.

I decided to start Sonic Web Design & Photography business (I’m also a web designer). Why Sonic, you could ask? Well, as I was an audio engineer for a while in the past, and the word ‘sonic’ just got stuck in my head. I offer portrait photography sessions either on location, or in my client’s home. I can take my speedlights and backdrops to your place, to create real studio portraits.

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Why hire a professional photographer? You may say everyone can take photos now with their phones. You may be right, as digital technology makes it possible, and phone cameras are pretty good nowadays. I thought exactly the same a while ago. But when I started studying photography very seriously, I realised how much knowledge and skills it takes to create a professionally looking image. Taking great pictures involves much more than pressing the shutter button. Photography is a serious art and a hard work as well, that together with a passion can create unforgettable stories!