Studio portraits in a comfort of your home

Popina — personal assistant and passionate motorbike rider

Popina came to my home studio on a motorbike, dressed in leather trousers and leather joacket. She also brought two additional outfits with her. One of them was an elegant blue dress, with gorgeous flowers running from top to bottom at front. I thought the dress would benefit from a light blue background, though I doubted at first that it might be too much blue. Those unique orange earings complimented the outfit. I still thought I would get a go with those leather trousers, and with a blue shirt they looked just right.

Ralitsa — professional housekeeper

I have known Ralitsa for many years, and never saw her wearing dresses or skirts. But I just imagined photos of her in dresses, and asked whether she had any at all. Turned out she had a few but just found it more comfortable to wear trousers or jeans on a daily basis. And, dresses were only for special occasions. I stated that we would have that special occasion very soon. To her question which one, I said she needed to come for the photo session with me. She did, and felt very comfortable during the session. The results were great, and she was pleased.

Katherine — full-time mum and support group leader

Katherine never liked her photos to be taken. She lacked confidence, and thought she wouldn’t look nice on photos. But I managed to convince her to give it a go, assuring her that she would look stunning. She said she didn’t have anything to wear for the session. Then, Katherine made an afford and purchased a few outfits online, and brought them along for the session. She even brought high heel shoes, just in case, but I normally don’t photograph shoes indoors. I think she looks gorgeous in those dresses.

Ewa — brilliant cook and my friend

Ewa first thought that mature women couldn’t look attractive on photos, and probably had her last photo session in her 30s. Still, she agreed for me to photograph her, provided I remove her wrinkles. I agreed and said that she would look beautiful and natural. As I don’t like deep retouching and making person look 20 years younger, I only smoothed the wrinkles slightly. I think Ewa already looks younger even without retouching. Well, all women want to look younger, don’t they? I can’t blame them as I like to look younger myself!

Jessica — French and Spanish teacher in a secondary school

Jessica came in only with what she had on her, and said she would be ok with just one outfit. She only wanted headshots, and said she didn’t like any posing but just wanted to look natural. Obviously, I was fine with the headshots only, and chose to photograph her against a white background. I was thinking about black and white photos as there wasn’t much colour there. I compared coloured and black and white images, and in my opinion the latter were a winner. That’s why I decided to show only black and white photos of her here.

Giuseppina — actress, model, and singer

Me and Giuseppina once connected on Instagram, as I saw she liked modelling. So, I invited her for the photo session to my home studio. She was already a sought after model and popular, but she still agreed to come over to my place. Giuseppina travelled from Lewisham, with a suitcase full of dresses. She earlier sent me pictures of her best dresses for me to choose from, and we agreed on five. She had her haircut done just the day before, and I was the second photographer to create portraits of her with the new hair style.